About Us | Treatment Philosophy

Traditionally, patients and some physicians have thought of physical therapy as ultrasound, massage and stretching, and some exercise to fix a patient’s pain or limitation. At 21st Century Rehab, we take a more scientific approach to find the precise mechanism for a patient’s pain and correct the underlying movement impairment. We concentrate on the often over looked biomechanics using a detailed examination to find the source and cause of the pain. By understanding a person’s daily habits including job activities, hobbies and general lifestyle, our physical therapists are able to identify and correct the movement impairments that are causing the pain or dysfunction, rather than just treating the area where the pain is manifested.

We believe in a cooperative relationship with our patients. This relationship succeeds when the communication between patient and therapist allows both parties to fully understand the other to achieve the best outcome. The therapist must understand the patients in all aspects to best solve their particular problem. Likewise, the patient must understand their specific home exercises and the reasons for lifestyle modification.

Our physical therapists have spent extensive time learning how to better analyze movement from the research and teaching done at the Washington University Physical Therapy Program in St. Louis. This program has been number one in the United States over the past 10 years. The program is lead by Shirley Sahrmann, PT, Ph.D., FAPTA, a well-known leader in the study of movement impairments, who regularly educates physical therapists and physicians around the world. Years of research, literature reviews, motion analysis studies and case studies have gone into finding and categorizing these impairments.