April is National Occupational Therapy Month: A Profession that Focuses on Life Skills

April 2, 2007 – In celebration of National Occupational Therapy Month, the occupational therapists with 21st Century Rehab would like to educate you on the profession that focuses on life skills.

For millions of people, the service of occupational therapy is a lifeline.  People of all ages receive it to help them participate in the activities of their daily life.  Sometimes people need occupational therapy to do things we take for granted: like getting dressed, being productive at school or work, eating unassisted, or even socializing.

Occupational therapy doesn’t just treat medical conditions, it helps people stay engaged in the activities that give them pleasure or a sense of purpose, despite challenges.  Occupational therapists do this by helping people surmount their disabilities or medical conditions to do everyday things.  The nature of the therapy depends on the individual and their environment; occupational therapists consider the whole person when developing a therapy plan.  Occupational therapists collaborate with physicians and other professionals to ensure a comprehensive approach.

The occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants at 21st Century Rehab help adults learn or regain skills that allow them to do meaningful things like working, driving, shopping, and even preparing a meal.  All types of people need this kind of help everyday, from a worker injured on the job to a grandparent recovering from surgery or a stroke.

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