Simple Preventative Maintenance for Your Most Important Asset

In business it is important to maximize productivity, whether it be with equipment or human assets.  We all know how important preventative maintenance is for machines and equipment, but often this same philosophy is not taken with a company’s most important asset, its people. I think we would all agree that a company’s most important assets are qualified, healthy employees, who are maximizing their potential every day.

New Women's Health Therapist Joins 21st Century Rehab Team

For Brittany McCall, profession stems from the personal. A 2008 graduate of Nevada High School, McCall knew she wanted to pursue women’s health physical therapy after her first contact with the specialty. After her mom, Arlyce Kroese, was diagnosed with breast cancer, she underwent a successful mastectomy but developed a frozen shoulder as a result. Kroese saw a women’s health physical therapist to treat her shoulder, sparking an interest which led Brittany to pursue physical therapy, her specialty already in mind.